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When you become a MERLOT member (It's Free), you can create COURSE EPORTFOLIOS of learning materials, customized to your learning needs. MERLOT provides easy-to-use tools to create your own academic program plan. You define...

  1. Your TITLE for your collection - Like the label on your personal bookshelf.
  2. Your DESCRIPTION explaining subject area, theme, and/or purpose of your collection.
  3. Your COURSE of study - Are you taking an online course, working on a major, or are you creating your own personal course of study? All options work with MERLOT.
  4. Your PRE-REQUISITES to succeed - What are the concepts and skills you need to have reviewed or mastered before you start your course of study?
  5. Your LEARNING OUTCOMES you want to achieve - What do you want to learn and be able to do at the conclusion of your course of study?
  6. Your PEDAGOGIAL STRATEGY - How do you want to teach or learn with the materials? Work on projects? Collaborate with other students? Mentored by experts?
  7. Your ASSESSMENT METHODOLOGY - How will you provide evidence that you have learned the skills and knowledge you wanted to learn?


  1. Find materials you like/want in MERLOT.
  2. Create a Bookmark Collection

    Screenshot of MERLOT showing the "Create a Bookmark" function

  3. Create a course ePortfolio.

    screenshot of MERLOT showing the "Create a course ePortfolio" function

MERLOT has created Course ePortfolios of learning materials that you may use as a course of study. You can copy these (and any other Course ePortfolios) to your own member profile and personalize.

Looking for more uses of Course ePortfolios? You can also browse the Course ePortfolios of the over 10,000 MERLOT members who have created their own.

MERLOT also provides a simple website authoring tool where you can create your own learning ePortfoilo. Check out MERLOT Content Builder.

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